A Reflection on Blogging

My name is Anushka Panday and I am a fourth year Marketing student at the University of Georgia. An interesting fact about me is that my mind is always processing what needs to be done. I could be enjoying a night out with my friends while simultaneously thinking about how we are going to split the check, how we are going to organize sleeping arrangements, and what I have in my fridge to make breakfast the next morning. Some would think that I am not enjoying myself because my mind is so preoccupied with these thoughts, but it is natural. If I do not think about such things, my anxiety grows and I end up having an awful time dealing with the outcomes.

I’ve grown to accept the ways my mind works; however, I’m not sure it’s the most conducive mindset for happiness and a stress-free life. My thought process naturally works in to-do lists.Here lies my dilemma: without writing down everything I have to do I grow disorganized and forgetful, but maintaining to-do lists makes me overly reliant on them. Do my extensive to-do lists help me keep the big picture in mind or do they do the opposite and distract from the big picture?

In examining my tendencies, I realized that the only writing I did for a couple years was emails and to-do lists. Thankfully, blogging has taught me not to be reliant on my natural writing style: a to-do list, in which I cross off things like, thesis, body paragraph 1 topic sentence, etc., but to experiment with free flow ideas and try to connect them after.

Truthfully, writing terrifies me. When I was younger I enjoyed it immensely, but over time my anxiety has grown to where now I stare blankly at my paper or word document until I absolutely have to get started. It is not because I don’t have ideas or the desire to do well and work hard. It is simply because I am awful at translating what is in my head onto paper. If it were an interview or a speech, I would feel confident and ready, but writing requires me to slow my train of thought and examine how I structure my sentences and which words I use. This process is tedious. For some reason, I am not comfortable with it. While my developments as a writer are evident in the substance of my work, my natural inclination to structure is prominent.

Blogging has made writing more enjoyable and relaxed. It has also given me a way to really flush out the constant thoughts in my head about certain topics. It might be tedious at first, but I definitely recommend blogging to others!


2 thoughts on “A Reflection on Blogging

  1. makennakallman says:

    I completely agree with this post! It can be challenging to refrain from treating posts like writing a paper for school, but I think blogging over the course of this semester has relaxed my personal writing style. I can definitely relate.

  2. This blog is so good. It truly says how I felt all semester about blogging. I really struggled with what i wanted to write because I feared that it was not going to be “good” or worth reading.. but at the end of the day, it was what I wanted to talk about. I also feel that I was being graded on each sentence structure and how “professional” it was because that is all we have ever known. This is great. Thanks for sharing.

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