UGA India Night

This entire semester I have lived, breathed, and not slept because of of UGA India Night 2016. It is a national, intercollegiate dance competition that the UGA Indian Cultural Exchange hosts annually at the Classic Center. We host around 300 dancers and volunteers and over 2000 guests. I am one of the event planners, so it can get stressful!

It is great that I am taking this course because it has really helped guide my social media decisions for the event.

Our Facebook page has 887 likes and we have 3,595 posts each every week. The content that we are posting consists of the actual event pages and ticket sale info, blurbs about our teams and their assigned volunteers, blurbs about judges, and general posts to hype our audience.

We also have a YouTube channel in which we have posted multiple videos. These videos were shared on the Facebook page.

We made a website; however, our webmaster failed to update it so it unfortunately did not play a role in our promotion or sales.

My role in all of this was both generate content, as well as, scheduling posts. We also have many people involved with the event so we had our graphic designer design profile pictures and cover photos. I had our volunteers share events are various times in the weeks leading up to the event and I had volunteers change their profile pictures and cover photos so that we took over newsfeeds.

There are many things I would like to improve upon in the future as I know that there needs to be one mastermind behind social media from the beginning as opposed to haphazardly doing things in the middle.

**The event is this Saturday! So I hope it all goes well! Fingers crossed.**


1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab

This past spring break, I visited Cincinnati, Ohio. While it’s not the most exotic spring break location, it is a great place for a foodie like myself. I had the opportunity to explore the city and to eat some delicious food. I also got to venture the local coffee shops! I’d like to share my experience in one of the coffee shops I had a chance of visiting.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 2.13.35 PM

1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab is a very neat place as it caters to wine lovers and coffee lovers (often times, people are both!). It’s located in a very great spot in Cincinnati. It’s website is fairly simple – it lists menus for both wine & coffee and it shares a few things that 1215 specializes in or supports.

With 174 reviews on Yelp, it has a 4.5 star rating. The reviews have been consistent from 2012 to present. Their Yelp profile is fairly comprehensive with menus, pictures, and detailed information about the business. When you search 1215 on Google, many review websites appear in the search  results.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 2.22.37 PM

Their Facebook page is updated almost daily and they post about new products and highlight some of their offerings. There are many beautiful photos of the drinks that are made. During my visit, I ordered a dark chocolate latte. Here’s a great picture I instagrammed:


They are not incredibly active on their Instagram page; however, many people check-in and take photos that they Instagram at 1215.

The coffee was absolutely delicious. I hope that I can go back soon and see the changes they make to their digital presence!