Dancing Goats

Dancing Goats is definitely one of my favorite spots in Atlanta. It is located right outside of Ponce City Market (also a very cool place). I’ve been here before so this experience wasn’t new to me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t pick up coffee, but I did have time to observe the environment and customers! (slightly creepy). The baristas were busy, but they answered questions and offered thoughtful suggestions. There was barely any place to sit as it was a Saturday and many people decided to study, read or socialize over coffee in the afternoon. The seating area in this particular Dancing Goats is very aesthetically pleasing, so I understand why there was little room to sit. I would give Dancing Goats a 4 on the “coffee-shop feel” factor.

Prior to dropping in, I conducted a Social Mention search on Dancing Goats and found:

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 3.11.31 PM

So, it’s not the most active social media brand, but part of the reason why is because it is owned and operated by Batdorf & Bronson Coffee so a lot of the Dancing Goats tweets are simply retweets of Batdorf & Bronson Coffee. Batdorf & Bronson Coffee is a coffee roaster; they provide beans to many shops. Furthermore, each coffeeshop under this umbrella has its own Twitter account and Facebook page.

This particular Dancing Goats location’s Twitter handle is @poncecitygoats and they have almost 1,500 followers. Almost 3,200 like their Facebook page and more than 5,000 have checked in.

Overall, I’d say their social media presence is weak. While having each store manage their social media through different channels could increase reach, the individual store is not engaging millennials enough. However, I would definitely recommend visiting the shop and trying the coffee!



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